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SAVE THE DATE - LWVNC Convention 2019

Save the Date for the LWV of North Carolina Convention 2019.

May 17 - 19th Chapel Hill, NC

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Freedom Center for Social Justice Liberating Theologies

Spring has sprung, and we are so excited about what is in bloom at the Freedom Center for Social Justice! Next month we will host our second annual Liberating Theologies Speaker Series, a one-day event featuring theologians who will share their radical, culture-shifting interpretations of Biblical texts.

Presented in partnership with Union Theological Seminary, this event captures the spirit of our work --​ it brings the community together to explore and discuss ideas that have the potential to change the ways people think, which changes the way people act, which changes the people relate to one other. The event is about reawakening the radical activist in each of us and equipping people with perspectives that have the power to change minds, hearts, and policies.

This event is for you if you are interested in making a significant contribution to culture-shift in the South. We are deeply invested in moving the state towards being a place where LGBTQ people are affirmed and celebrated. The Liberating Theologies Speaker Series is an opportunity for people to question religious narratives and ideas that have been used to oppress people, and to explore perspectives that affirm the dignity and humanity of all people.

Join us on May 25, 2019, at The Charlotte Museum of History for a gathering of people committed to living with greater integrity --​ people willing to show up and do the work of making the world a place that reflects their values and ideals.

Early Bird II ticket sales end on April 24, 2019. If you register before general admission ticket sales open, you save 33% off and guarantee your spot! If you'd like to bring a group of five people or more, tickets are $25 per person.

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About our Featured Speakers:

Rev. Dr. Keri Day will be speaking on The Future of Theology. Day is an Associate Professor of Constructive Theology and African American Religion at Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, NJ. Her teaching and research interests are in womanist/feminist theologies, social critical theory, cultural studies, economics, and Afro-Pentecostalism. In 2017, she was recognized by ABC News as one of six black women at the center of gravity in theological education in America.

John Boopalan will be speaking on Dismantling Oppressive Theologies. Boopalan is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge, MA. His recently published essays include "Afterword: Justice Amidst Violence: Missed and Available Opportunities" in Mirage: A Sri Lankan Dalit Novel (2016) and "Doing Constructive Theology with B. R. Ambedkar: Where Theology and Ethics Kiss" in Bangalore Theological Forum (2016).

Rev. Dr. Pamela Lightsey will be speaking on Womanist Theology. Lightsey is the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Associate Professor of Constructive Theology at Meadville Lombard Theological Seminary. Following service in the US Army and work as a civil servant, she received her academic and theological training at Columbus State University (BS), Gammon Seminary of the Interdenominational Theological Center (M.Div.) and Garrett-Evangelical Theological School (Ph.D.). Throughout her vocational life, she has been a leading social justice activist, working with local, national and international organizations focusing primarily on the causes of peacemaking, racial justice, and LGBTQ rights.

There will be a panel discussion following the speaker's presentations. Bishop Tonyia M. Rawls, The Freedom Center for Social Justice's Founder and Executive Director, will moderate the conversation.

We are still seeking speakers for our Emerging Theologies segment of the Liberating Theologies Speaker Series. Two emerging voices from North Carolina will have 15 minutes to share their theology with a 5-minute Q&A following.

Submit a proposal for Emerging Theologies.

If you are a part of an organization that would like to make a bold statement about the importance of restorative justice for those in the LGBTQ community who have been religiously ostracized, please consider becoming an event sponsor! Email Ash Love, FCSJ's Director of Faith Organizing, if you have questions about sponsorship.

Become an official sponsor of the Liberating Theologies Speaker Series.

The Freedom Center for Social Justice is a culture-shifting organization committed to the growth, safety and empowerment of marginalized populations. Our vision is a world where equal protections and opportunities exist for all.Through advocacy, community education, and faith-based organizing, we are committed to providing support that opens doors, raises awareness and creates life-giving change.

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