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All Women's Networking event with Network of enlightened Women

Our LWVCM has begun collaborating with UNCC's Network of enlightened Women, or NeW, and they are inviting us to attend an All Women's Networking event in honor of Women's History Month.

NeW is a nation-wide campus organization for young women interested in cultural and national issues. Originally started by conservative college women, NeW is now seeking to collaborate with groups whose members offer a diverse range of viewpoints. Their members seek to educate their campus communities by hosting speakers, holding debates and engaging in philanthropic activities. Accordingly, the LWVCM Voter Services Team is planning to partner with them on campus voter registration drives.

The upcoming networking event will be held on Monday, March 25 at UNCC's Student Union from 6 pm to 9 pm. Parking is available in the Student Union Parking Deck.

This is a great opportunity for our League to reach out to young, politically engaged women, as well as other professionals from the Charlotte area. Sarah Cherne, CEO of Junior Achievement of the Carolinas, will be the guest speaker.

To RSVP, go to

Lunch With The League in April Sponsored by Environmental Action Team

The LWVCM's new Environmental Action Team is sounding the alarm about a late December "technical correction" to the state's stormwater runoff requirements. Changes weaken stormwater regulations across the state, according to environmentalists.

Join other LWVCM members at the April 10 League Lunch which will feature Mecklenburg County Water Quality program manager Rusty Rozelle.

Joined by Charlotte Post-construction Stormwater Ordinance Administrator Jordan Miller, they will talk about the implications for Mecklenburg County and other environmental concerns regarding clean water.

Check back for how to RSVP for the 11:30 am lunch at the League Education Center, 1817 Central Ave., Rm. 210.

League Talk - Yes, we are STILL fighting for the ERA!

League Talk welcomed Sherry MacQueen, director of the LWVNC ERA Action Team, who will updatie members about the state's ERA efforts, national action and how Charlotte Mecklenburg members can get involved.

Sherry MacQueen is currently a Co-Chair of the LWVNC ERA League Action Team responsible for organizing and supporting ERA League Action Teams in local leagues throughout the state. In addition, she has served two terms on the ERA-NC Alliance board, serves on the Legislative Committee and leads the Central Region of the County Contact Campaign.

Sherrie described the campaign and tell members how they can fit into the action plan. The state Action Team is committed to seeing ERA ratified by the NC General Assembly. Two more states are needed to reach the required 38 necessary for the amendment to pass! The plan is to educate, motivate and collect resolutions in support of passage from town and county boards, churches, clubs, businesses--and take them to Raleigh.

For her work on ERA, Sherrie received the Susan B. Anthony Award 2017-2018 in recognition of her dedication to the vision of Equal Rights for Women.

Sherrie is a Civil Engineer with a BSCE from NC State University (1981). She has lived in Raleigh since 1971. At the local level, she has been Secretary on the LWV-Wake Leadership Team, Co-Chair of the ERA Committee, and is a member of the Environmental Committee.

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